VIY3 series GPR Advantages

The VIY3 series Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) are radars for underground sounding, designed for locating and analysis of subsurface items and anomalies with the aid of electromagnetic pulse radiation.

Our products are helpful tools for:

  • Pipes, cables finding and mapping on the location plan. Material of items can vary – metal, plastic, concrete, asbestos, fiber-optic etc.
  • Investigation before building (search for subsurface items, concrete structure’s fissures and vesicles location, ground waters and karst cavities finding)
  • Non-destructive archaeological investigations
  • Eco- and geological explorations (soil structure examination, search for underground reservoirs and subsurface pollution areas etc.)
  • Forensics and military applications (underground passages and shelters finding, search for illegal burials etc.)
  • Bridges and roads structure assessment
  • Ice and snow thickness measurement and structure analysis
  • Caves exploration

Main advantages of VIY3 series GPRs:

  • Quick system deployment on the location
  • All antenna units are bi-static and shielded (including 125 MHz antenna unit)
  • The Telbin new signal processing technology substantially increases signal/noise ratio along with high sounding speed
  • No extra Control Unit – antenna unit can be connected directly to laptop through USB or through wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • Reliable, durable, stable and effective DSRD impulse generator
  • High-performance 18-bit receiver’s ADC – the highest digit capacity amongst existing GPRs
  • All collected GPR data are processed in computer. Errors can be corrected at any moment, original data are kept unchangeable
  • Original Software. Free of charge for Users.
  • Automatic topographic correction without additional costly land-surveying equipment
  • Low power consumption
  • All accessories (GPS, odometer) can be connected directly to antenna unit without any extra cables, without any additional connection with antenna and laptop.
  • Built-in battery that can be easily replaced
  • External GPS receiver is optional
  • Built-in battery charge through antenna connector
  • Dust and dirt-proof odometer
  • Easy, handy and safe connection of measuring wheel (odometer) without any extra tools
  • Universal foldable GPR handcart
  • Handy and reliable mono block antenna cases design
  • Durable fiberglass bodies withstand mechanical impacts
  • Leak proof “push-pull” connectors