ZTS-360R Total Station


Compact and Lightweight Designed, easy to carry and setup. With powerful measurement module, Stable Dual-axis Compensation system, and Intelligent Calibration Software, ZTS-360R improves the speed and distance of measurement efficiently. Using STM32 architecture and high-grade dustproof and waterproof structure design, Comprehensively enhance the overall performance of ZTS-360R.

Angle Measurement
Measurement Method: Absolute Encoding
Minimum Readout: 1″/5″/10″(0.3mgon/1.5mgon/3mgon)adjustable
Accuracy1: 2”

Distance Measurement (ZTS-360 with Reflector)
Single Prism: 3000m (9,842ft.) under good condition3
Three Prisms: 6000m (19,685ft.) under good condition3
Reflective Sheet: 800m (2,624 ft.)
Accuracy: 2 mm +2ppm
Measuring Time (Fine/ Tracking): 0.8s/0.3s

Distance Measurement (ZTS-360R Reflector less)
Reflectorless2 Range: 0.3 ~ 600m(0.98 ~ 1968 pies)
Single Prism: >7500m (24,606ft.)
Accuracy: 3mm+2ppm
Measuring Time: 1.5s

Magnification: 30X
Field of View: 1°30′ (2.7m at 100m)
Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.5m
Reticle: Illuminated

System: Dual-axis
Working Range: ±3′
Setting Accuracy: 1″

Interface: Standard RS232, USB, mini-B
Internal Data Memory: Approx. 20,000 Points, default 8G USB pen drive
Data Format: ASCII

Operation system: Real-time Operating System
Display: High resolution backlight black and white display with contrast adjustment/ Graphics: 192 x 96 pixels
Keyboard: 2 sides’ alphanumeric backlit crystal keyboard
Trigger key: On right instrument support

Laser Plummet
Type: Laser point, 4 brightness levels adjustment / Optical plummet (optional)
Centering Accuracy: 1 mm at 1.5m instrument height

Power Supply
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Voltage/Capacity: ZBA-400: 7.4V (DC) / 3400mAh
Operating Time with ZBA-400: Optimal 20 hours4 (Continuous angle and distance measurement every 30 seconds) / 10 hours (typical)
Measuring Times: Approx. 12000 times

Weight (without battery): Approx. 3.7kg (8.38lb.)
Size: 300mm x 150mm x150mm(HxWxD)

Meteorological parameter modification: Manually(T-P senser is optional)
Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~﹢50℃ ( -4℉ to +122℉)
Storage Temperature: -25℃ ~﹢70℃ (-13℉to + 158℉)
Dust&Water Proof (IEC60529 Standard)/Humidity: IP66, 95%, non-condensing

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