MODEL: VF HD370 & HD380



The latest designed TVG curve provides perfect gain controls for sonar transmission attenuation.

Advanced underwater gate tracking technology and pulse width choosing technology guarantee the accuracy of underwater survey.


Depth sampling rate 30 times per second improves the efficiency and makes the echo diagram more smooth and accurate.

Adjustable frequency expands the application scope of VF echo sounder by matching various transducers.

With advanced frequency conversion technology, HD-370 and HD-380 reduce noise caused by transducer and enhanced echo intensity. In addition, both the HD-370 and the HD-380 support different frequency transducers to meet the demands of different hydrographic projects.

•  The optimal TVG curve of HD-370 and HD-380 is designed according to the transmission properties of sonar in water which can greatly optimize sounding performance and solve the issue of shoal water sounding.

•   Portable design, high-definition LCD screens and mass storage make field operations much more convenient.

•  Preinstalled Hi-Sounder software reduces your software cost.

•  With the low frequency sounding function, HD-380 can easily get mud thickness data.

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