MINELAB – F3 Series Mine Detectors


Minelab Electronics Pty Ltd specialises in advanced electronic technologies. Minelab is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of metal detectors based in Australia with sales and distribution offices in Ireland and the United States.

Minelab was formed in 1985 to become a “centre of excellence” for metal sensing technology. A dedicated Product Development Division focuses on innovation, research and development. Over the years this commitment to innovation has led to the technological advancement of detection equipment and the design and development of sophisticated mine detection technologies.

MINELAB – F3 Series Mine Detectors Features

  • Variable sensitivity through the selection of seven uniquely combined audio and sensitivity configurations
  • Two operating modes to improve target identification
  • Pin-pointing mode for fast and accurate location of target
  • Preconfigured sensitivity profile to assist in the detection of non-metallic conductive targets
  • Fully enclosed and protected cables
  • Audio and visual indications
  • Vibrating Handle
  • Adjustable search head
  • Simple to operate
  • Waterproof, Long lasting battery life


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