Innovative Mobile Education Solution



▪On Line Education Search and Service Provider

▪Founded to fulfill the vision of ‘Education Modernization Challenge’

▪Innovative Platform for Schools and Training Industry

▪Targeted for Chinese and LatAm Emerging Education Markets

▪Startup backed by experienced High tech Investors


  • To make it affordable & easy to Learn anywhere


  • To become the first Learning Platform of choice

Education Modernization Challenge

▪State wide program to computerize the K12 education system

▪Scalable, Secured, Fail-Safe end to end Service

▪Cloud based virtual & distance learning with all digital curricular content to use for students and teachers

▪Affordable – Low Cost or State Funded

▪“Bring Your Own Device” integrated with LMS*

▪Improved education to millions of pupils

▪Service for all: Publishers, Institutes, Teachers, Pupils

BrandedPages Features

▪Best learning experience on: Android Tablets, iPad & PC – unique to BrandedPages

▪HTML5 Web App Textbooks – Quizzes, Video, Voice over, Chat & Collaboration, Sharing Notes, Dictionary

▪Rapid conversion from Print + Web and Quizzes to Tablet touch experience

▪Adding Quizzes, Video and Text layers by users

▪Textbooks fully interoperable with Various LMS Systems: Moodle, Blackboard, Edmodo, Google Apps for Education


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