ThermoSiv Heating


ThermoSiv Heating Fabric can be used in:

Personal heating: Baby, Home, Pets, Body, Space heating and Outdoor, High Altitude and Adventure etc

Road snow melting projects, space heating in ECC structures.

Industries: Construction, Agriculture, Medical, Outdoors, Car and Auto industry etc.

In Military applications, when combined with sensors this fabric can be used for Wounded Soldiers Detection. A problem in the contemporary battlefield is to detect, identify, locate and report wounded soldiers in a battlefield in real time. ThermoSiv solution, WounDetect system, uses ThermoSiv fabric as a high reliable precision sensor that detects and transmits:

Wounded soldier’s ID and his blood group.

Soldier’s location (based on GPS).

Type of injuries – bullet diameter or shrapnel size, in and out).

Location and number of hit/s on the body.

Other medical information – Body temperature, Bleeding rate estimation etc.

Other military applications include Friend or Foe system for Infantry soldiers, Thermal target to be used for training with thermal night vision, Sniper target that identify and transmit shooting cluster, Heating Solutions such as Coat, Vest, Pants, Shoe insole, Tents, Sleeping bags, Hiding positions etc.


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