Cyber Gym


CyberGym Israel, are the world leaders in protection against cyber attacks. They have set up cyber attack training arenas in Europe, Far East and Israel. These training arenas train IT and Scada engineers on how to counter cyber attacks.

A typical CyberGym is a worldclass cyber war game arena. The arena creates realistic training infrastructure where trainees experience real cyber attacks against their facility and trainees learn to recognise and handle threats in real time. The arena prepares cyber teams for any event and to ‘expect the un-expected’. It turns the weakest link in the clients cyber arena in to their strongest defence.

The arena is tailor made to project the customer’s infrastructure layout and can cover Electricity, Water / Gas, Financial, IT or Telecom Companies. For each of the above companies, conceptual structure of the arena would host industry specific hardware. For example, for electric companies there would be a mini generation facility which shall include Full Electricity Generating Equipment, Controls (PLC sub Systems), Circuit systems for electricity Generation and distribution, and Specific training program for Operational, Generation & IT personnel.

Similarly, for other companies, industry specific infrastructure on a mini-scale would be included in the CyberGym arena. Besided the above, the arena will have full IT & communication infrastructure and terminals for industry specific HMI’s, Proprietory exercise management software, Basic attack scenarios preparatory exercise, Evaluation software, installation of hardware and software and Testing, including FATs and SATS.

As the authorised distributors of CyberGym, we offer you their products and would like you to consider setting up a Cyber Attack Training Arena for your organization. Product supply and service can be rendered by CyberGym on turn-key basis. Upon understanding your interest, we can make a business offer to you for CyberGym products and services. A presentation on Training Arena is enclosed.

CyberGym also offers training courses for a minimum batch of 50 IT / Scada staff at CyberGym training facilities. You could consider deputing your IT / Scada staff for such training courses. IT training syllabus is enclosed. A business offer on training courses can also be made to you upon receiving a firm request.

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