B.G.I is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of Perimeter Anti-Terror Security systems and solutions as well as Access Control Protection systems for secured compounds.

B.G.I is dedicated in the last 20 years to deliver innovative high quality products and services in order to prevent the intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personnel into secured areas and to protect people, assets and infrastructure.

B.G.I ‘s extensive experience ensure that we provide project and equipment solutions with accordance to technologies and specialties which are today’s highest level of security challenges.

B.G.I is a professional and Dynamic Group , We introduce our clients a tailor made systems and solutions , Production facilities, Installations team any were on the globe , all under one roof , with care and after delivery full attention managed by a large team.

B.G.I develops, manufactures and market:

Anti-Crash Bollards – Retractable, Manual & Fixed. DOS (K-4 , K-8 , K-12) /ASTM /PAS68

Arm Barrier – Electric, Manual, Hydraulic & Pneumatic.

Gates – Sliding, cantilever, anti-blast Gates, Bollards, Arm barriers – Boarder pass

Road Blockers. Anti-Blast Gate (11.5 tons)


Turnstile – Classic and Security. Spikes – Fixed and Automatic

Under Vehicle Inspection System.

Access control system.

Safety Accessories.

B.G.I’s equipment is produced with accordance to international standard and has crash certifications such as:





B.G.I’s equipment is protecting people, assets and infrastructure all over the globe, some of it in:

Israel – M.O.D , Governmental agencies , Boarder passes, Police compounds , power plants facilities .

Air Ports – India, Romania , Moldova , etc.

Israeli Embassies – Paris , New Delhi , Montevideo , Etc.

India – Leading Hotel Chains, TAG,ITC , etc.

Nigeria, Gabon , Bulgaria-BMW facilities, Ivory coast.







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