Auto Level



  • Excellent Shock Proof Function.
  • Good Sealed Structure for using in Weather.
  • Exclusive Closed magnetic Field, magnetically dampened compensator.
  • Friction Braked rotation and endless horizontal drive


Magnication: 24x, 28x,32x

Standard Deviation For 1 Km: 2.0mm   1.5mm    1.0mm

Double run leveling

Objective aperture: 36mm 36mm 38mm

Field of View: 1°25’

Shortest focus distance: 0.3m

Compensator range :    +- 15’

Leveling accuracy:            +-0.5”/ 1”

Circular vial:       8’ / 2mm

Horizontal Circle:       360° or 400G for Option

Weight :   1.75kg


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